Welcome, from Dr Haas

.. and thank you for considering me.

Finding the right psychiatrist can be very stressful in itself, on top of all the other issues you are facing. I hope the information here will help you make a more comfortable, informed decision.

Conveniently located in Downtown Manhattan for over seven years, I offer caring, professional, evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of mental health issues using psychotherapy, and medication where indicated. Although some patients (and issues) do best with a long term therapeutic relationship, many of my patients feel better relatively quickly, and since I encourage independence, I am generally always looking for new patients!

As a psychiatrist I have extensive training in pharmacologic (medicine) interventions for helping people feel better quickly. As a therapist, I can help people build a better relationship with themselves and the world around them. Sometimes these approaches are in conflict, which makes my work interesting. :)

In addition to my medical (Family Practice and Psychiatry) and psychological (Psychodynamic and Jungian Analytic) training, I bring my experience and knowledge as a former stockbroker, financial analyst (CFA), computer programmer, social worker (Early Intervention: Birth to Three), and outreach worker (D&A, HIV/AIDS) to my empathic work with patients.

After browsing my site I hope you come to the conclusion I am the right psychiatrist for you. If you have any questions, or are ready to schedule a personal and completely confidential evaluation, call me.